Shame on you for even reading past the title. First of all, your body weight is meaningless as anything more than a general guideline. I can lose 5 pounds running for an hour, but it’s all water.  What matters is how you feel about the way your body looks and performs. Secondly, quit looking for shortcuts and new diets. You need to eat well and exercise to improve your fitness and physique. Finally and most importantly, keep reading if you want to follow my foolproof method for dropping a few pounds over the holidays.

Seriously?  You’re still reading?  Alright, whatever…let’s do this.

Step 1.  On any day you’re having a big family meal, don’t eat any other meals or snacks.

That should take care of 99% of readers.  Still reading?  Well you stubborn, good for nothing…you’re going to wish you had stopped at Step 1.

Step 2.  Fill your plate with turkey and ham leaving room for no more than a half serving of a starch like mashed potatoes.

Step 3.  Get your starch and PUT THE GRAVY BOWL DOWN.

Step 4.  Get a nice big cup of water, coffee, or tea.  If you touch the sugar or cream, you don’t get to read any further.

Step 5.  Eat.

There is no Step 6.  What?  You thought I was going to give you dessert?  Forget that. Fuel your body and find other activities for pleasure.