I’ve been a relatively happy owner of Blue Buds X bluetooth earphones for a couple of years now. The battery life gets me through my long runs as long as I go easy on the volume, and the sound is incredible when sitting in the ear correctly. They also provide good hands-free control of the phone and have even worked for voice calls while on the run.

Unfortunately, Blue Buds X have two major drawbacks. First, they tend to work their way out of your ear during runs. They don’t move so far as to fall out, but they move just far enough that all of the rich bass is lost prompting you to reach up and adjust them every half mile or so. Second, if you get any water or sweat in your ear behind them, they will slip out so frequently that it’s not worth fighting them.

Over the Summer, I lost one of the earphone tips I normally use with my Blue Buds X. I tried some of the other included tips, but since I was already using the large, switching to smaller sizes only made the fit problems worse.

In an effort to avoid spending extra money to replace a perfectly functional pair of headphones, I turned to Amazon. I expected to find factory replacements at the top of my search results. Instead, I found the Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips. These are a foam replacement tip that works with a variety of different headphones, the Blue Buds X included.

The Comply Tips are only $15. Now, that may seem like a lot in the days of $30 bluetooth sport headphones, but I’m going to venture a guess that the lower priced sport headphones are lacking a bit in sound quality, battery life, or durability. If they’re not, by all means, buy those. However, if you have a more expensive pair, consider this a worthwhile upgrade.

The Comply Tips do have mixed reviews.

One common gripe with the Blue Buds X is installation difficulty. Yes, they are hard to install, but it can be done. You just have to take your time making sure it gets over the outer edge of the earbud as it’s an extremely tight fit.

The other negative reported is durability. I just finished up marathon training, and the first set of tips came through relatively unscathed.

The way these tips work is the foam expands back to its previous shape after it has been compressed. That means you can fit it into your ear canal where you normally would the stock tips, and the foam will expand to fill the gaps. It ends up gripping the inside of your ear canal so that the ear buds can’t work their way out as easily as with the rubbery stock tips.

The fact that they are foam means that they will pick up any sort of junk from your ears, and it won’t come off easily without doing some damage. Mine are looking a bit nasty after 3 months so it’s probably time to swap to the next pair.

Each package includes 3 pair of tips so for the money, I will probably make it about 1 year before I need to order more tips or replace the headphones. Obviously, your results will differ based on the amount and type of training you do wearing the headphones.


  • Holds earbuds tightly in your ear
  • Higher quality sound due to better position and seal
  • Expensive relative to cheaper earbud options
  • Foam holds dirt and grime and isn’t easily cleaned